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Apple Blossom

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Apple Blossom

Create stunning and lifelike floral arrangements with the help of these high-quality apple blossom faux flowers. Featuring a beautiful cream color and multiple offshoots of blossoms, this stem adds plenty of depth and dimension to any composition.

Whether you use the entire stem as one piece or trim it into sections to use as needed, this versatile faux flower stem is perfect for adding a touch of spring to your home or office decor. Use it to create intricate and layered arrangements for your dining room, living room, or bedroom, and enjoy its beauty all year round.

  • Lifelike and high-quality apple blossom faux flowers in bright cream color

  • Multiple offshoots of blossoms for added depth and dimension

  • Can be used as one piece or trimmed into sections as needed

  • Perfect for creating intricate and layered floral arrangements

  • Adds a touch of spring to any decor style

Product Details:
70% Fabric
10% Polyester
20% Wire

Dimensions: 50cmL x 16cmW x 3cmD