Sturt St Ballarat Looking West Two Cyclists Print

Sturt St Ballarat Looking West Two Cyclists Print

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Image of Sturt St Looking West was taken from the triple storey viewing platform Victorian building that had a royal style balcony on the third floor for dignitaries and special guests.
The image itself was most likely taken in the late 1930’s more likely prior to WW2 although the cars vary in age from 1920’s models to 1930’s models.
The colours were researched as best as possible however all images were black and white until the 1960s when colour became commercially available to the man in the street.
This makes image colour referencing difficult.
What can be seen is the density of shoppers and the concentration of people in the CBD.
This image took approximately 4 weeks to colour each item individually.
Both this and the other similar image were taken by the photographer only minutes apart and the photographer moved the camera slightly.
Sturt St Ballarat Looking West with cyclists C.1938 Rose Series Postcard by Peter Kervarec.

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